Drones on the Farm will be Discussed at the 2014 Farm Science Review
Legal issues surrounding the use of drones on the farm will be discussed by Peggy Hall during a "Question the Authorities" session at the 2014 Farm Science Review.
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2014 Ag & Natural Resource Tax Issues Workshop
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  1. Drones on the Farm: What are the Laws?

    09/08/2014 - 9:43am

    COLUMBUS, Ohio – While the appeal of using unmanned aerial systems by farmers and growers to aid in farm operations is growing in popularity, before you launch a drone over your crops to gauge field conditions, be aware that doing so could result in a hefty fine from the Federal Aviation Administration.
  2. OSU Ag & Resource Law Program to Create the Ohio Land Use Academy

    07/30/2014 - 4:26pm

    OSU's Agricultural & Resource Law Program has received a grant from the Ohio State Bar Foundation to establish the Ohio Land Use Law Academy in 2015.  The Ohio Land Use Law Academy will prepare local officials in Ohio townships and counties to make land use decisions that are equitable and based in law.
  3. Oil & Gas Law Library Updated with Recent Cases

    06/26/2014 - 2:24pm

    The case law section of the Oil & Gas Law Library has been updated with recent court cases and brief descriptions of what happened. You can find it here.